Looking for dental care services in Tampere? Dentist Arttu Lohi treats his clients in his own private practice in Tampere. Don't be afraid of dental treatments - with us you get individual service and we take into account the needs and wishes of our customers.

We take care of pain relief and tell you about the necessary measures according to the customer's wishes.

Dentist office in downtown Tampere

Dentist Arttu Lohi's office is located in the center of Tampere at Keskustori 5 A (3rd floor) - come easily by bus, tram or car. We provide comprehensive dental services with friendly service and years of experience.

The reception was completely modernized in the fall of 2021 and all equipment and tools are modern. The advantage of a small practice is flexibility and extensive expertise. You can call us anytime, and we have no additional office or billing charges.

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Dental checkups

Paikkaus- ja juurihoidot • Hammaslääkäri Arttu Lohi, Tampere

Tooth fillings and root canal treatments

Hammaskiven poisto ja iensairauksien hoito • Hammaslääkäri Arttu Lohi, Tampere

Tartar removal and treatment of gum disease

Hammaskruunut ja -sillat • Hammaslääkäri Arttu Lohi, Tampere

Dental crowns and bridges

Hampaiden oikomishoidot (Lumiliner) • Hammaslääkäri Arttu Lohi, Tampere

Dental Orthodontics (Lumiliner)

Hammasproteesit • Hammaslääkäri Arttu Lohi, Tampere


Hammasimplantit • Hammaslääkäri Arttu Lohi, Tampere

Dental implants

Hampaiden poistot & poistoleikkaukset • Hammaslääkäri Arttu Lohi, Tampere

Tooth extractions & operations

Limakalvomuutosten poisto ja koepalojen otto • Hammaslääkäri Arttu Lohi, Tampere

Removal of mucosal changes and biopsies

Dentist Arttu Lohi - Tampere

I do all the procedures myself from start to finish, and if any problems arise in the future, I will fix them free of charge.

That is why my motto is: "I do it - I fix it."

Welcome to my dental office!

» Online bookings | Tel. 050 375 7711


Welcome to my reception!

I graduated from the University of Oulu in 2014, after which I moved to Tampere. I completed my internship at the Kangasala health care center. After that I participated in a dental pilot project in the local hospital Coxa.

My areas of expertise

  • Basic dental care (fillings, calculus removal, root canal treatment, tooth extractions, acute dental care)
  • Accidents and insurance dental treatment (for example crowning of a broken front tooth or dental bridge)
  • Fixed prosthetics (dental crowns and bridges, from single teeth to full jaw solutions)
  • Loose prosthetics (stem and plate partial prostheses, full prostheses and their repairs)
  • Dental implants
  • Tooth extraction surgeries and other oral surgical procedures (for example, removal of mucosal changes, taking biopsies)
  • Diaphragm orthodontics
  • Special attention to patients having fear of a dental care